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The History of Weekday

Every company has its story and to tell this one correctly, we have to go back to November 2000 when Örjan Andersson, Adam Friberg and two of their friends opened a small second hand store in a Stockholm suburb.

The store was called Weekend because it was only open during Saturdays and Sundays. Despite its remote location, and thanks to a very good selection of garments, the store went well and the decision to team up with Lasse Karlsson and open up a bigger shop in central Stockholm was made. On the 18th of April 2002, the first Weekday store opened on Olofsgatan in central Stockholm. The store was a full-time concept, open every day of the week, and that is where the name comes from.

From the very beginning Weekday carried high-fashion mixed with smaller independent fashion brands, as well as second hand clothing. Some of the denim sold in the shop was very expensive and Örjan felt there was a need for cheaper, but still fashionable, jeans. The first Cheap Monday style ‘Tight’ was born. It was an immediate success. Today Cheap Monday is a brand separate from Weekday, but Cheap Monday is still sold in Weekday stores and remains a close friend. 

In 2008 Weekday joined forces with H&M, and since then we have opened four stores in Denmark, three in Norway, one in Finland and three in Germany. It’s great to have H&M as our big brother watching our back, but Weekday it still the youngster in the family, so we pretty much do what we’ve always done. The Weekday story began in Sweden but the next chapter will take place in cities around the globe.



Weekday creates two entirely new brands. The first, Fade to W, will be launched in all our stores this november, 2012.

Recycle/Re-use your used clothes

The recycling/re-use service is only available in our Swedish stores, so the information at the linked page is in Swedish.